Domain Registration: A must for your business

Domain Registration is widely recognized by many as one of the most important step in setting up an identity on the web. Today’s businesses require an online presence so that they can cater a larger section of audience. Internet serves as a perfect medium for companies and organizations to market and promote their products and services to users. Any business that starts to show some kind of promise surely needs to set up an identity on the web. Internet, which is known as a great new mode to do business, also helps in reaching out to people globally with products or services.
To establish a presence online, the first thing a business requires is to select a domain name that will serve as the address of the website. After checking the domain availability, the next step is Domain Name Registration. This is considered as one of the most crucial step in setting up an identity online as a registered domain name prohibits its use by any other party. For example, if you own a business and you register a domain as, then no other user can go ahead book a similar domain name.

Net4 is among the most sought after domain registrars in India. The ICANN and .IN recognized domain registrar provides its customers with cheap and affordable Domain Name Registration services. With more than 300,000 direct business clients, Net4 is one of the leading Domain Registration company.  


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