How to go about buying a Domain Name

What is a domain? Why is it important to register it? Why is it considered so important for a business to succeed? If you are among those people who are seeking answers for all the above questions, then this is where your search ends. This is a name by which a web surfer will look for you on the Internet. This name signifies existence of some property on the Internet.
In order to have an existence on Internet, an appropriate Domain Name is a must for an individual or an organization. A Domain Name must include all the relevant keywords that you or your business deals in. It should be simple, easy-to-recall and one that is unique. This is because a unique name is likely to attract more traffic in comparison to a regular name.  The next step after selecting a domain is Domain Registration. This is among the most essential aspects of creating a website. By registering domain, a user is able to block the domain from being used by any other party.
Net4 is among the leading domain registrars in India. The company, which ICANN and .IN recognized, offers affordable Domain Registration services to its clients. Net4 currently has over 300,000 direct business customers. The company also provides 2 free email ids with 1GB mailbox storage along with other attractive features.

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