Website Hosting & its types

The Website Hostingindustry has seen a number of changes in the years gone by. We all know how important hosting is today for an enterprise. Web Hosting basically enables its user to make his website accessible on the internet. If you are also seeking to have your website hosted, then you must select the most apt hosting service for the website. In order to get the best service, it is important to understand the various kinds of hosting packages that are available today and how these differ from one another.
Among all the major Web Hosting plans, WindowsHostingand Linux hosting are considered to be most popular. Both these hosting packages come with a diverse set of characteristics which makes them very different from each other. However the biggest difference between them is their cost. A Windows Hostingplan is generally considered costlier than a Linux hosting plan.
Another hosting package that has gained a lot of popularity recently is Cloud Hosting. This hosting plan basically allows its user to have computing power of several distantly located servers. The biggest advantage of Cloud Hosting plan is that a user only needs to pay for the amount of computing power he uses. If you are also seeking affordable hosting solutions, contact Net4 India. The company offers affordable hosting solutions with up to 99% uptime assurance.

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