What is Reseller Web Hosting?

Most people, who do not follow the Internet industry that keenly, are not too familiar with Reseller Web Hosting. Though you would have surely come across this term several times before, you would not have given it a serious thought. It is basically defined as a business where a user resells Web Hosting plans by purchasing a large plan from a website hosting company. Reseller Web Hosting  has quickly come up as a great business venture for budding entrepreneurs in last few years. This is due to the fact that starting this business does not require a hefty investment, nor does it require any technical expertise.

A reseller does not have to buy web servers used in hosting and nor does he have to maintain them. Both these tasks are generally performed by the main hosting company from whom the reseller buys the hosting plan. The only investment a reseller needs to make is the reseller hosting plan he purchases from the web host. All the remaining tasks, such as server management and support will be performed by the main hosting company.

Net4 India is one of the leading website hosting companies in India. Net4 offers all the major types of hosting plans, such as Windows hosting, Linux Hosting, Java Hosting, and Cloud Hosting among several others.


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