Functionality of a Domain Name

A web identity of any individual or a business is dependent on the Domain Name. This is why most web experts also say that it is crucial to select a name that depicts you or your business and tell others what it is all about. Keeping it short is the first effective tip that will work wonders for your business website. A short and simple name is the best way of keeping your customers and other visitors at your website, as it is easy to recall.
Selecting a name that is related to a business is likely to create more traffic on the website. A business related Domain Nameprovides a website with better search engine results, which eventually lead to better traffic. The choice of extension is also one of the factors that can’t be ignored by the user. As there are several TLDs to choose from, the user is always advised to pick a one that is related to his/her forte.
Net4 India is one of the leading Domain Registrar in India. The company offers cheap and affordable Domain Registration services. Net4 provides its customers with a range of services, including free Forwarding and masking, Total DNS control along with free domain parking and 2 email ids of 1GB mailbox storage.

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