What is an SSL Certificate? Why do you need one?

Internet has surely changed the way a business operates. We all know that internet bears no boundaries and this is its biggest advantage. An individual staying India can go ahead and buy goods in the U.S. or anywhere in the world with the just a click. There are several e-commerce businesses worldwide that offer products for sale on the internet. Running an online business is always very tough, as there is a constant threat of cyber-squatters ruining the transactions that happen over the internet. Though buying stuff over the web is very easy, but how many of us actually feel secure and confidant about putting in our credit card information over the internet? This is mainly because the odds of having your data stolen over the internet are very high.

Any online business must make sure that it has adequate security features on its website to satisfy its visitors. Among those security features a business must have an SSL Certificate installed on its website. If you are not too sure about what exactly an SSL is, let me offer you an insight on it. Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is an internet protocol that is mainly used to provide security and data integrity for any type of communication that happens over the Internet.

These certificates basically encrypt the information that is entered on the website, which makes it tough for a cyber-squatter to track it. Whenever a user enters information like credit card number, bank account number, address etc. on a SSL protected website, a cryptographic key is generated. This key is the confirmation of the transaction being fully secured. A user can Buy an SSL Certificate from a company that offers SSL certificates. These certificates are usually available in 40-bit to 256-bit encryption.

SSL Certificates are of great importance if you manage an online business and accept payments over the internet. By having this certificate you can not only offer your clients security while shopping, but also piece of mind. If your clients know that your website is fully secured and protected and their personal data is safe while shopping, they are more likely buy products from your website. They will not have any second thoughts about putting in their debit or credit card number.

Nowadays there are several companies in India via whom you can buy an SSL certificate. In fact there are several SSL Resellers in India who offer these certificates.


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