Why Windows Hosting has gained so much popularity?

Most users tend to stumble when they need to choose a web hosting plan during the process of website development. When it comes to choosing a web hosting package, most people get confuse over Windows Hosting  or Linux hosting. Let me go ahead and make it simple for you. Both these platforms have their own distinct advantages, drawbacks and characteristics. Today I will only be discussing about Windows Hosting Services and why has it gained so much popularity.

Windows Web Hosting is like any other hosting solution that allows the user to make his website accessible on the internet. Now you would be thinking how it is different from other hosting solutions. Companies that offer Windows Hosting Services basically provide space on their servers that have a Windows operating system installed on them. It is known to be a highly reliable and an efficient hosting platform that offers its users with exclusive features.

This web hosting solution is usually recommended when a user intends to use specific Windows applications, such as Active Server Pages (ASP). If the user is aiming to build his website using Microsoft FrontPage, Windows Hosting is the most suitable option for him. This hosting solution is also strongly recommended if the user is seeking to develop his website using .NET, MS Index Server or Visual Basic scripts. When it comes to selecting a database thiswebhosting solution is considered compatible to both MS SQL and MS Access database.

The biggest advantage that comes along with a Windows Web Hosting plan is that it enables its users to easily integrate various Microsoft products into their respective websites. Along with this the user also has the ability to integrate cross-browser script libraries from Java Script with ASP. Windows is also known to provide enhanced security features. Its user interface is not only considered suitable for beginners, but also for experienced users.

When it comes to making a comparison via cost, Windows is known to be a touch expensive than others mainly because of the proprietary software costs. However the benefit of integrating all Microsoft-proprietary applications and scripts into this hosting solution outweighs the additional costs incurred.

Windows Hosting in India has now so become popular that all major companies have now started to use them. In order to choose the right service provider, the user is first recommended to evaluate his hosting requirements and then only move forward.


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