Factors to Consider For a Domain Name Registration in India

domain name registrationAuthor: Jass Sawhney

If you have a website then you will need a domain name for it via protocol for domain name registration in India. Some of the website owners consider purchasing domain names that already exist for their websites. Endless numbers of websites are found on the internet with each of them having a domain name of their own. However some of the sites have domain names that are very similar to each other.

The first thing required for a website that is brand new is unique domain availability. A website owner has two choices. One of the choices is to register the website with a domain name that is new and the other choice is to buy a domain name that already exists. The fact remains that there are too many sites on the internet with diverse domain names and hence finding one that is completely different can be a bit difficult.

Advantageous or Not
It is both disadvantageous and advantageous to purchase an existing domain name. It is advantageous to purchase an existing domain name if it is one visited by huge traffic.

News about the renewal of domain name may not always reach the previous website customers and in time, they will start visiting your website. Chances of converting these customers are higher when they visit your site. From the point of search engine optimization you can avail this benefit.

A Word of Caution
The owner of the previous website could have put in efforts in selecting appropriate keywords for the domain name that you have now purchased prior to attempting to register domain name options. Your website will enjoy a higher web page ranking due to this. Such a domain name is an already optimized one and within the shortest time possible it helps you attain higher ranking on the search engine.

A word of caution for those who purchase an existing domain name is to ensure that SEO tactics of the black hat type are not used at all. Besides this, the existing domain name should not have been penalized by the search engines at any point in time. All these pointers should not be ignored at the time of purchasing the domain name. Negligence could result in issues with the domain name registration in India.

Present Ranking of Domain Name
Before considering domain availability a number of such important things need to be kept in mind. The domain name’s present ranking must be considered. Conduct a check on whether or not there are any page links internally or to any other link. Age of the domain name is another important point to consider before purchase. Also, check whether the amount calculated for link and content building services is valid or not.

Also ensure that there is no penalty associated with the domains before you register domain name options. If you go through the traffic that exists on the previous URL, you will come to know whether or not there is any fraud to watch out for. Credibility of the back links and incoming links also needs to be checked. If these points are kept in mind then it is easy selecting a domain name that already exists.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/domain-names-articles/factors-to-consider-for-a-domain-name-registration-in-india-6014766.html

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