How to Move Your WordPress Blog to a New Domain?

Domain Name
Domain Name

If you have decided to move your WordPress blog to a web domain that is new, you will need to keep in mind a few aspects about this process. If you as a blogger have been self-hosting the publishing system of WordPress blog on a server for web hosting with a domain name that is registered, then the blog link URL will need to be organized again to make it look tidy.

Besides this you may even want to have a new focus reflected or a theme reflected, on the concerned blog. At the time of making the change you will need to ensure that no links are broken and proper migration is ensured. A transition could be made to have the URL changed, or link the Word Press blog location due to the changes being made in the domain. There could even a change where the blog is transferred to another directory.

Use an Online Guide
One of the trickiest things about moving the WordPress blog to a different directory or location is that instead of the relative path being used, it uses the absolute path. The old URLs may also be used by users within contents of blog posts while generating backlinks for reference. In the database a few changes will be needed in these values when the WordPress blog is being moved.

An online guide can be best made use of to get an idea of which of the fields in the database having values or references related to the URL blogs require modifications. When the WordPress blog is moved the next thing to do is to inform WordPress about the location of the new blog. The WordPress Options page can be best used to make relevant changes in the value.

Modification Using MySQL Database
However if it is difficult accessing URL of the old blog or domain name then necessary modifications will have to be made in the value using MySQL database.  SQL statements used in the guide are on the basis of MySQL replace () function for database modification. You will have to login to MySQL database for running queries on SQL which houses tables of WordPress.

To run the MySQL client as root you could also login into the DB server.  URLs of pages and posts related to WordPress will have to be fixed. These are the posts and pages which translated from the post slug and were stored as guide field in the wp posts table database.

Browse Through the WordPress Blog
Instead of being stored as relative URLs they are stored as absolute URLs and hence the changes are needed. An important thing to do to is to find out if everything is alright by browsing through the WordPress blog. 

Logging in into WordPress administration may be needed, since due to a different domain now the authentication cookie is not valid anymore. Moving the WordPress blog to a new domain can be an easy process only if the basics are understood well and a step by step procedure is followed for website registration as well.

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