Launch your own professional website with .in domain

Domain Name

Domain Name

With the Indian market booming with the use of net, .in domain has been introduced and already there are many takers for this domain. It is indeed a domain solely created for India. It gives many facilities for Indians, be it a business house, institutions, organizations or individuals. Indian government had the .in registry which gives a list companies authorised to sell the .in domains.

Choose a name

Launching a professional website with .in domain name is not very different from other domains. Choose a domain name that is appropriate for your work and register. Generally a fee will have to be paid for the registration. For each level there is a domain registration charge. The registration can be done for a period of minimum 1 year and a maximum for 10 years. Some authorised .in domain sellers offer free registration. You do not have to pay for a year. Government of India has reserved some names for its use and these names cannot be used.

The next step is hosting which is also followed like any other hosting companies. Here too there are many big players who are offering the hosting of website also free of cost for one year. Getting a domain name is akin to getting your company registered with the government body. Hosting is like renting a place to run your business. The host company stores all the matter for the world to see.

Design your page

To design the web pages professional help can be taken or you can use a website builder. To encourage more Indians into this domain some of the big accredited sellers of the domain offer to develop the web pages also free of cost. You can avail this opportunity or create the web pages with the help from the professionals. As soon as the web pages are designed a trial run of the pages must be done before the final hosting.

Once this is done make the website SEO enriched. There are many tips for making your website search engine optimized and you can follow that after the launch of your website with .in domain. There are some rules to be adhered to while hosting a website with .in domain.

Certain rules 

The domain names should have minimum 3 characters and a maximum of 63 characters. The names can have digits, letters and hyphens but the name cannot begin or end with a hyphen.  There are unreserved zones and reserved zone in .in domain. Some of the unreserved registrations are .in,,,,, and is for general category and is for individuals.

Name transfer within these unrestricted zones is permitted. But you cannot do it in the restricted area. The restricted areas are for academics, for research institutes, for colleges and universities, for government and for military. All these names are only for India while the unrestricted zones names are available for anyone in the world.

All facilities like other domain are available here too, the only difference being it is India friendly. Many businesses and individuals have registered with this domain and many more are to add their names soon.

Top 10 Domain Name Trends for 2012

For the year 2012, there a number of trends followed in selecting domain names and here are ten of them. Various extensions etc. are being used including:top domain names

  • .net
  • .org
  • .com
  • .gov
  • .pro
  • .int
  • .edu
  • .info
  • .biz
  • .mill

The .net extension is used for networks. This domain name precedes WWW or the World Wide Web and is one of the TLDs or the top level domains besides many others. Originally it was intended for use of network providers only but nowadays there are no restrictions on its usage.

The .org extension is used for organizations if the .com extension is not available for your domain name. In such a case .org can be used for identifying an organization that is a non-profit making one. This option is available to anyone even if there is removal of restrictions on its registration.

.Com Option a Popular One

The .com domain name is used for commercial purposes and the exact country where the business is going to be conducted. When a search is conducted on the search engine then the user is directed to the search page for that specific country. Examples for this extension would be for Canada, or for New Zealand.

The .edu extension is used by educational institutions. There are so many web addresses available on the internet. To categorize the addresses there are a number of extensions provided to domain names and .edu is one of them. The .biz domain name extension is used by businesses and is provided as an alternative for them due to greater demand for the .com domain name.

Top Level Domain Names

The .gov domain name extension is used for the United States Government entities. In addition to the domain at top level, the .gov extension is a top domain that is government specific in United States.  As a research network sponsored by the Government of the US, the internet origins are in US due to which the .gov extension can be used. The domain name at second level is used by other countries.

The .mil domain name extension is used by the Department of Defense of the United States exclusively. The .info domain name extension is used for websites that are informative. To remove the pressure on the .com domain name extension, the .info extension was introduced and its usage is not at all restricted.

Targeting Mobile Users

The .mobi domain name extension has been dedicated to help deliver the internet or the web to mobile devices. There is a lot of improvement being seen in technology that is related to networks or mobile devices and mobile phones. This extension helps greatly in targeting the user of mobile phones.

The .int domain name extension is mainly used by international organizations. The .pro domain extension is used by professionals. If you are offering professional services online, then this domain name extension proves to be very useful for users to identify you. These are the top ten domains you can see on the net.